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True Identity Ministries aims to help men and women understand their personality type and how that will help improve their relationships, overcome misconceptions that have led to a false sense of identity, understand how God loves them and views them, build their Christian faith, and help lead them to a place of hope, freedom, sense of acceptance and belonging, spiritual and emotional healing, and their true identity as Christian men and women.

True Identity Ministries does this through retreats, seminars, workshops, conferences, follow-up study groups, special alumni events, written materials, and online resources.

About True Identity Ministries

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

                                    Psalm 139:14

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11877 Douglas Road  Ste 102-251

Johns Creek, GA  30005

  1. -For women from all backgrounds, ages, and phases of life

  2. -Dynamic worship, insightful messages, special interactive activities, personal reflection time along with small group interaction

  3. -Set in the serene surroundings of the North Georgia mountains

“I walked away from the weekend basking in God’s love and feeling empowered and healed.”         
                            Tracy A.


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True Identity RETREATS


True Identity Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

All donations are tax deductible

True Identity


for Women

Remember WHO and WHOSE You Are

“During the retreat I learned a lot about myself and had so many awesome moments of reflections and time to listen and hear from God. On that last day during our reflection time I spent it down by the lake sitting on the dock and our dear Lord came to me and placed His hand on my heart and sealed the hole of pain I had been feeling for 2+ years!.”                                           
                                Diana G.

“I left the retreat feeling loved and cherished, feeling like a daughter of the most wonderful High God, and knowing who I was, why I was the way I was, and felt accepted for being that way.” 
                             Julie T.



Understanding one’s true identity in Christ is crucial to living a free, abundant life.  A person’s behavior is controlled by their perception of who they are. It follows that a failure to understand our identity results in being ill-equipped to act like who we truly are in Christ. We live with a ‘Mistaken Identity’. And unless we come to understand the lies we have been living, and allow Christ to live His overcoming life through us, we will operate in sinful independence from Him, live in bondage and lack the daily consistency that only He can provide.

True Identity Ministries is a Christian, nondenominational ministry for men and women of all ages and backgrounds, addressing issues of low self-esteem, rejection, loneliness, abuse, forgiveness, cultural misconceptions leading to a false identity and destructive behaviors, insecurity and insignificance.

True Identity Ministries began out of Jennifer Brommet’s own journey from severe rejection and depression to freedom in her true identity in Christ, and grew to a vision and call for women, of all ages and stages of life to understand and embrace their true identity in Christ and be set free to be all God designed them to be.  This independent, nondenominational ministry led by Jennifer and a team of women God has called to be a part of this ministry, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s goal is to help women from all walks of life be set free from lies and deception, be awakened to the truth of being all God desires them to be, and apply that truth to their daily lives.

True Identity Ministries believes the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the inspired, the only, the infallible, the authoritative Word of God. We believe in the Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe that all people are lost sinners and cannot see the Kingdom of God, except through the new birth, which takes place through repentance of sin and faith toward God. Justification is by grace through faith in Christ alone. We believe in the necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit for the individual’s new birth and growth to maturity, and for the Church’s constant renewal in truth, wisdom, faith, holiness, love, power, and mission.

Jennifer Brommet

Executive Director 

True Identity Ministries

The men’s division of TIM

TRUE IDENTITY - Do you know WHO and WHOSE you really are?

New book by TIM Founder and Director Jennifer Brommet.

Jennifer’s story and testimony is woven in with the True Identity message. It is written in a way to be read alone or used as a small group study. All proceeds from the book go to TIM to help spread the TI message around the globe!


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