The Game Plan

This Sunday, February 2, 2014, millions will be gathered around their big screen TV’s, snacks and beverages abounding, team colors proudly worn and/or displayed, the year’s supposedly best and most expensive commercials on queue, winner bets confidently placed,  and each side poised to cheer their team on to victory. All for the game of all…

Queen's Guard

Guard the Gate

Touring around London I saw a lot of guards. Guards at Windsor Castle, The Queen’s Guard, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street where the British Prime Minister and other dignitaries live, the British Museum, and anywhere there was someone or something of importance residing. I especially loved these Royal Guards donned in their bright red coats, shimmering…

Windsor Castle


I recently had the blessing to go and visit my daughter, Carina, who is currently living, studying, and working in London, England. On two of the few sunny days we had, we ventured out to see Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. Windsor Castle is one of the castles where the current British Royal family…


Take the First Step

Each New Year I pray and ask God to give me a “Banner” Bible verse or verses for the year. I have been doing this for about 6 years now and continue to be amazed at how right on, encouraging, and supportive they always are. I really shouldn’t be, since His Word is LIVING and…