Many of you may wonder, “What’s up with all these swan pictures you take, post, share, and others send you?” It began when I was 21 and my mother came to me and said, “You know that Ugly Duckling Story?” (The Hans Christian Anderson one about the little duckling who is rejected and considered ugly…

Jen & Rem Wedding

“I Do!”

28 years ago, dressed in a gorgeous silk and lace French gown, grasping a fragrant bouquet of white roses, I stood next to my handsome husband in a Dutch church filled with family, friends, and coworkers, and declared, “I do!”  It is the hoped response when one is asked if they will take their husband/wife,…


Give It Up

Lent, a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline, began this week with Ash Wednesday and  culminates on Easter Sunday. During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries as a form of penitence. Some Christians try to follow the example of…