How Do You Receive Him?

This week’s guest blogger is Remco Brommet, Director of True Men, a division of True Identity Ministries. It is a few days before the Passover and crowds from all over Asia Minor have begun to make their way up to Jerusalem for the great celebration. Jesus and his disciples are also on their way, from…

Horses in pasture


I’ve had the blessing to get away to a friend’s tranquil home in the country this week for what my husband called a “praycation.”  I was coming off of months of a packed schedule and intense preparation for a recent True Identity Retreat and felt a bit burned out and spent. Fortunately, the timing worked…


Come Closer

We live in a breakneck speed world that seems to be moving faster and faster and getting louder and louder. Stress levels are through the roof! We pace in front of the microwave anxiously waiting for our two-minute meal to cook, multitasking to make the most of every second, information overload constantly bombarding our brains,…