My husband and I had not had a real vacation (vacay) together for almost 9 years. God did not design our bodies to go 100 mph, 24/7 without a significant break now and then to refuel, refresh, and recharge. We were living life going from one event to the next, or one crisis to another.…

American Flag

“Thanks Dad!”

Memorial Day Weekend always brings up thoughts of my Dad, who passed away 9 years ago, but was a decorated WWII vet. I think of what he risked, sacrificed, and endured to help ensure our country remained a free one, and I am forever grateful. Growing up when my brothers and I would ask our…

Bird's nest eggs

M.O.M. – Mother of Masterpieces

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I have been pondering a lot about mothers. We all have one, but not all of us are one. Without mothers, the human race would be extinct, along with every other species that lives and breathes on this planet. Mothers are a significant and crucial part of God’s design to…


Speed Bumps

Life is cruising along at a good speed and all of sudden you hit a speed bump! You immediately slow down and proceed with caution looking for the next one. If you miss the speed bump caution sign or ignore it and hit a speed bump at top speed, it can do some serious damage…