A Weekly Prayer Digest for Connecting with God


We’re changing from Daily Prayer Pointers to a Weekly Prayer Digest to help you map out a general direction for your entire week to connect with God at a deeper level. And what better week to start than Holy Week!

I’m sure many have experienced a surreal suspense of rhythm and time during the pandemic. And so it’s easy to miss that last Sunday was Palm Sunday and this week is Holy Week, during which we commemorate the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ on Passover weekend. And since we can’t celebrate Resurrection Sunday in our customary gatherings, we should make it a point of celebrating it at home with extra intentionality.

Holy Week during the pandemic as an opportunity like no other. It coincides with several prophetic voices who have been speaking into this global crisis saying that it has put the church in a state of solitary confinement for a time of reflection and self-examination. The “turn from your wicked ways” part of 2 Chronicles 7:14, and “consider your ways” from Haggai 1:5, if you will.

That has resonated with my heart, and so I have set Holy Week this year apart for daily times of deep reflection, using the unfolding of its events as laid out in Matthew 21-28 as a guide, asking the Lord to shine His light on anything in my life that He is not pleased with and that I need to repent of (which is what “turn from your wicked ways” means). I’d like to share what He laid on my heart this morning, in hopes that it might help you also for the week, broken up in daily segments

  • Monday: Matthew 21  – The Triumphal Entry
    Lord, do I give you a triumphal entry in my life every morning as I awake and you present yourself to me as a servant leader with new mercies, and unending tender loving care?
    Lord help me give You the firstfruits of my time, attention and energy as soon as my day begins.
  • Matthew 21 – The Cleansing of the Temple:
    Lord, in what ways have I used your temple (my body & mind) to rob you, and distract it from being a house of prayer for all nations?
    Lord teach me to pray for the advance of Your kingdom from my backyard to the ends of the earth.
  • Tuesday: Matthew 21 – The Cursing of the Fig Tree
    Lord, do I have steadfast faith – without which it is impossible to please you? (cf. Hebrews 11:6)
    Lord, increase my faith!
    Matthew 21 – The Authority of Jesus Questioned
    Lord, have I given you authority over every aspect of my life?
    Lord, may you have the preeminence in my thoughts, my subconscious, my dreams, my day-dreams, my words, my actions.
  • Wednesday: Matthew 21, 22, 23 – Parables, Rebukes and Teachings
    Lord, do I truly understand what You desire from me in my relationship with You? Do I nurture any false pretenses, false religiosity, outward appearances that hide inward truth? Do I truly love my neighbor as I love myself?
    Lord open my eyes to see and learn what You want me to see from Jesus’ teachings.
  • Thursday: Matthew 24, 25 – The End TimesLord, am I alert to understand the signs of the times? Do I live each day as if it was my last day on earth? Am I ready for Your return? Am I using the gifts and talents You have given me for the advance of Your Kingdom? Am I assured of my salvation, to be counted among Your sheep?
    Lord, give me eyes to see the times we live in in the light of Your Word and help me be ready and vigilant.
  • Friday & Saturday: Matthew 26, 27 – The Crucifixion
    Lord, do I truly understand the centrality of the cross in my relationship with You? Do I understand and appreciate the agony of Christ as He voluntarily set aside being the Son of God and became the Son of Man – subjecting Himself to betrayal, humility, torture and death to pay for my sins and purchase my oneness with you with His blood?
    Lord, grant me a deeper sense of your agony as You went to the cross for my sins, that I may love You ore deeply and serve You more fervently.
  • Sunday: Matthew 28 – The Resurrection
    Lord do I understand the significance and glory of the Resurrection, and am I living it out day by day, crucifying my flesh and walking in the new life? (cf. Romans 6:1-14)
    Lord, I celebrate victory over sin and death, and seek the help of the Holy Spirit in being united with You in the crucifixion of my flesh and walking in the new life You have poured into me.

A daily prayer to begin each of these times of reflection comes from Ephesians 1:18, …”that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, having the eyes of your hearts enlightened…”

Be courageous. Let the Father lovingly examine your heart so that every part of your life may measure up to the righteousness you already have in Christ and you may be pleasing in His sight. The upshot of it is that as we, His people, do this, forgiveness of sins and healing of the land are soon to follow!

Remco Brommet