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Understanding one’s true identity in Christ is crucial to living a free, abundant life.  A person’s behavior is controlled by their perception of who they are. It follows that a failure to understand our identity results in being ill-equipped to act like who we truly are in Christ. We live in a “Mistaken Identity.” Unless we come to understand the lies we have been believing and living out of, we will live in strongholds and lack the daily consistency and freedom only God can provide. Everyone wants to know their purpose and it is only in embracing and believing we are forgiven, loved, and have a God-given purpose, will we be able to step into all He designed and desires for us to be as His sons and daughters.

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About the Ministry

True Identity Ministries is a Christian, nonprofit, nondenominational ministry with an international scope for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. TIM was founded in 2008 out of Jennifer Brommet’s own journey from severe rejection and depression to freedom in her true identity in Christ. This ministry led by Jennifer and a team of women and men is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has grown from two annual retreats in Georgia to events throughout the world.

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True Identity Ministries believes that its message is of such great importance for the Church today that it has a vision of having a presence on every continent and in every state of the US by the year 2020.

The proprietary process by which it seeks to accomplish this is to mentor people from being participants in events to becoming champions and trainers of the message and the ministry. Champions will inspire others to attend, and help arrange True Identity Ministries transformational events in their own environment. Trainers will, after being vetted and approved by True Identity Ministries, complete a certification course that will equip them to teach the True Identity materials.

The desired outcome is to have teams of champions and trainers all over the world who will work together in their own environment, culture, and language, to spread the True Identity Ministries’ message of who we are in Christ and Who Christ is in us. Those teams will operate under the guidelines of TIM, with continuous resourcing provided through the use of today’s internet-based media and technology, while contextualizing the materials to fit their own language and culture where needed.

True Identity Ministries’ vision is propelled by seven core values: everything by prayer, the preeminence of God’s will in all planning, servant leadership surrendered to God, loving and honest relationships, faith in God alone for provision, faithful stewardship of resources, and adherence to the God-given vision of True Identity Ministries.

The end goal is to see the core message of True Identity become a worldwide movement that helps believers understand and embrace God’s design and purpose for them and prepare the church for the return of Christ.

Meet our Team

Jennifer Brommet

Meet Jennifer Brommet the Director and Founder of True Identity Ministries.

Remco Brommet

Meet Remco Brommet Director of True Men

TIM is growing around the globe!

21 total Retreats
14 total Conferences
True Identity Ministries strives to bring its message to as many people as possible. With 21 total retreats, and 14 conferences to date, we are well on our way. Join the movement by visiting our Events Page and participate in a True Identity event.

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2000+ Reached with our Message
841 Alumni
Join in the momentum, become a TI Champion and help spread the message.
Passionate volunteers help us in our mission by assisting on event teams, in ministry duties, in prayer support, and by bringing TI events to their community.

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