There Is Hope!

I usually am not one to write about celebrities’ lives, but this recent suicidal death of Robin Williams speaks right to the core of depression and true identity. His death brought shock waves to the world that loved this brilliantly funny man who brought so much joy into the lives of many for generations. His…

Airplane wing-sunset


As I saw and heard the tragic news of the Malaysian airliner that was senselessly shot down a few days ago, I was deeply saddened for the loss of so many loved ones and their families. It was also a stark reminder of how unexpectedly our time on earth can come to an end. This…

Homes at sunset

Less Is More

Last week I wrote about the wonderful, last minute surprise of being able to go to Kenya! Now that I am back home and have had time to reflect on the experience, I recognize every time I go to Kenya I see joy in the midst of extreme poverty, compassion and love out of very…

Camp Chemi Tent view


Life with God is a grand adventure and full of surprises! I’m writing this sitting on the deck of a tent at Divine Providence Training Center (DPTC – a pastor’s training center and ministry partner with True Identity Ministries) outside Nairobi, Kenya. I had no idea just one week ago today that I would be…


Voice Recognition

Last week in my “Call Home” blog post I wrote about talking with God. This week I promised to share about the other part of our two-way communication with Him – Listening to God and hearing His voice. One very significant part of abiding in Christ and walking in freedom in our true identity in…

Red Phone booth

Call Home

When visiting my daughter in London, I loved seeing these iconic, red telephone boxes as they are called in Britain, peppered throughout the city. They, along with the red buses, stood out against the often grey dreary landscape. With the dawn of cell phones, I doubt that anyone can or will call from one now,…


Summer Love

I remember back in high school, and college years having the hope that perhaps “this summer I will meet him.” A “summer love.” Maybe I would meet Mr. Wonderful at summer camp? Or maybe I would bump into him at a coffee shop, summer job, sailing lessons or a summer concert? I wanted to experience…



My husband and I had not had a real vacation (vacay) together for almost 9 years. God did not design our bodies to go 100 mph, 24/7 without a significant break now and then to refuel, refresh, and recharge. We were living life going from one event to the next, or one crisis to another.…

American Flag

“Thanks Dad!”

Memorial Day Weekend always brings up thoughts of my Dad, who passed away 9 years ago, but was a decorated WWII vet. I think of what he risked, sacrificed, and endured to help ensure our country remained a free one, and I am forever grateful. Growing up when my brothers and I would ask our…