Truth vs Tolerance

This is a tough subject to tackle, but it has been weighing heavy on my heart recently and I sense the Lord wants me to express some thoughts in this area of Truth vs. Tolerance. (There are others who I feel have expressed this far better than I can, whom I have a link to…


Meet the Author of True Identity

This is a post on my friend Rose Chandler Johnson’s Blog this week.  She interviewed me about my writing and writing True Identity. Please read and visit her blog as well. She is a very gifted and encouraging writer. Meet the Author — Jennifer Brommet Today’s guest is Jennifer Brommet.  I had the pleasure…

Digging for Gold

Raking vs. Digging

I once heard someone say, “You rake leaves, but you have to dig for gold.” As I have been in some sort of Bible study on and off for over 40 years now, I have come to discover that there is a big difference between “raking” and “digging” when it comes to studying God’s Word.…



I think of starting a new year like crossing a bridge to a new unknown place. It’s with mixed emotions I cross. I’m excited for all God has in store, knowing He is my loving Father and His plans for my life are for good. But I’m also a bit nervous about saying goodbye to…

Birthday Cake


December is birthday month in our house. I have one December 12th and six days later we celebrate my oldest daughter’s birthday. Then one week later we honor another birthday- one far more important than the first two of the month -the one of our savior, Jesus. There were many years growing up when I…


Love Letter

The room was full of wounded hearts. “I’m a failure,” “I’m ugly,” “I’ve messed up bad,” or “Nobody loves me,” echoing in the minds of the audience. A group of humanity in which many had been rejected, abused, abandoned, or crushed. Leaving them feeling broken, fearful, and hopeless. The video began, and the words spoken…

Friday Night Madness pic


We barely have time to finish “giving thanks” before slamming down the turkey feast and rushing out the door to be the first in line to get in on the once in a lifetime Black Friday deals. Employees can no longer look forward to a guaranteed day off to spend with family and loved ones.…


“Mirror, Mirror”

I have a love-hate relationship with the mirror. Many days when I look at my reflection I only see the flaws and loathe the image staring back at me. Other days, I see beautiful eyes and a glimmering smile and think, “Not bad.” But the loathing days far outweigh the “Not bad” days. We are…

Waking up

“Wake Up!”

                                    “You are alive, but you are dead.”   Revelation 3:1 Did you know it’s possible to be alive and dead at the same time? I didn’t understand this myself until I became an “alive” Christian at age seventeen.…

Comfort zone pic

Comfort Zone

I have this magnet on my refrigerator as a constant reminder that today may be a day to take another step outside my comfort zone. We are creatures longing for comfort. We like the known, the safety of routine and dependence of stability. We feel safe in our comfortable homes, routines, and lifestyle. Especially with…