Delfaire Trc3


The icy snow was crunching beneath my boots as I strolled through the serenely hushed neighborhood powdered with a fresh dusting of snow.  It was eerily beautiful in the glow of the streetlights.  You’d never suspect that behind this picturesque scene of glistening icy tree branches and soft snow covered houses were hundreds of people…


Keep the Flame Burning

Today the 22nd Winter Olympics will kick off in Sochi, Russia with a much anticipated dazzling opening ceremony.  Spectators from around the world will watch the lavish event and introduction of athletes, ending with the pinnacle of the ceremony – the lighting of the Olympic flame! Great fanfare and grandeur is made of lighting this…


The Game Plan

This Sunday, February 2, 2014, millions will be gathered around their big screen TV’s, snacks and beverages abounding, team colors proudly worn and/or displayed, the year’s supposedly best and most expensive commercials on queue, winner bets confidently placed,  and each side poised to cheer their team on to victory. All for the game of all…

Queen's Guard

Guard the Gate

Touring around London I saw a lot of guards. Guards at Windsor Castle, The Queen’s Guard, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street where the British Prime Minister and other dignitaries live, the British Museum, and anywhere there was someone or something of importance residing. I especially loved these Royal Guards donned in their bright red coats, shimmering…

Windsor Castle


I recently had the blessing to go and visit my daughter, Carina, who is currently living, studying, and working in London, England. On two of the few sunny days we had, we ventured out to see Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. Windsor Castle is one of the castles where the current British Royal family…


Fishers of Men

I can hear the singing and pulsing drumbeats as the van pulls up next to the small tin building at the end of a long and winding dirt road. The grass crunches beneath my dusty shoes as I jump down, raising a hand to my eyes to block out some of the glare of the…



That’s hello from Kenya! Our time arrived safely last Friday evening along with all our luggage. It was a very long travel time of two 8 hour flights with a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam airport. We were warmly greeted by our Kenyan hosts and taken to our accommodations for the evening. We unpacked a…


The Night Before the Plunge

My room is a mess. I’m sitting in the small space on my bed not taken up with camera equipment, protein bars, clothes, shoes, books, and other miscellaneous supplies. If not for the somewhat organized chaos and my full suitcase downstairs, I would not believe that I’m getting up tomorrow and boarding a plane to…