Sometimes I lie awake at night and think of the future. Sometimes I can see it clearly painted across my ceiling, like a glowing landscape of stick-on stars, and the very thought of it thrills me. Sometimes, though, there is nothing on my ceiling except the crushing weight of the unknown, and fear keeps awake…



Part of preparing to go to lands far away is to get immunization shots. Going to Kenya is no exception! Especially when you are traveling there for the first time. I had no idea what “You’ll need a few shots” entailed until I visited the travel clinic for the first time the end of May.…


True Identity Travels

True Identity Ministries is off to Kenya this July! We have been invited by the Divine Providence Training Center in Kenya to take the women ministry leaders and pastors wives through the True Identity material and experience so they can then take it to their women. We pray God will multiply His message of True…