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I recently had the blessing to go and visit my daughter, Carina, who is currently living, studying, and working in London, England. On two of the few sunny days we had, we ventured out to see Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. Windsor Castle is one of the castles where the current British Royal family sometimes reside and hold royal functions, and Hampton Court Palace was King Henry III’s abode.

As we toured both places we were in awe of the magnitude and majesty of each. The incredible detailed architecture, towering spires, magnificent gardens, over the top furnishings and decor, and dripping with obvious wealth and opulence. Each room displaying the best works of art and craftsmanship of the time. Only the finest, fit for royalty.

As I walked from room to room and tried to imagine what it was like, and would be like, to live in a place like this, with gilded ceilings, famous works of art decorating the walls like art galleries, luxurious furnishings. Donned in the finest wardrobe with servants at my beckon call. Having a life surrounded by such extravagance, privilege, and position. It was beyond me! I can more easily relate to the “downstairs” staff of Downton Abbey.

46Stairway w chandelier

Hampton Court Palace

47AGold ceiling closeup

As I continued to soak up the surroundings in sheer awe, God began to whisper to me, “This is nothing!” When I gazed up at the gilded ceilings in Hampton Court Palace, He reminded me that heaven will have streets paved in gold! (Read Revelation 21:15-27.) That all this earthly wealth is a drop in the bucket in His eyes and is nothing compared to HIS majesty and wealth. No matter how jaw dropping, amazing these castles are, they are but a mere commonality compared to the riches of His Kingdom.

Then He whispered, “YOU are Royalty! YOU are my princess, daughter of the MOST HIGH KING! (Isaiah 62:3, 1 Peter 2:9) You are worthy of living in a place even better than this!” I smiled and thought, “Even though I may not live in a castle or palace on earth, wear the finest of clothes, have servants waiting on me hand and foot, He has a mansion and much more waiting for me in heaven!” (John 14:2)

But the real “aha” moment for me after touring these grand places was the realization that God has already lavished me with riches that far outweigh earthly riches. My unmerited salvation through His Son Jesus. His unconditional, everlasting love. His forgiveness. His God-ordained purpose and plan for my life. His amazing provision (physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially). His lovingly, perfectly, “knitting me together” in my mother’s womb, even though I was born with a birth defect. In HIS eyes, it was perfect and with great purpose. His Spirit residing in me, giving me all I need to live a free, victorious, abundant life here and now. And the list goes on…

All things that many that live(d) in these grandiose castles and palaces never experienced. King Henry III divorced his first wife because she did not give him a male heir, had 2 of his 6 wives beheaded, and wanted the best of everything to lord over others and impress. But later in life he was obese, unhealthy, had a major temper issue, and he never lived to see it was his daughter who ended up ruling! The current Queen and Royal family, or the “Sovereign” as a sign stated upon the entrance to Windsor Castle, live in extreme privilege surrounded by everything they could ever need or desire, and yet they may not know the deep joy of a personal, loving relationship with the Lord and have a secure eternal home. As man will worship earthly Kings and idolize their position and possessions, God reminds us that as His children we have inherited eternal riches.

Gold Crown Keychain copy

I stopped in the Windsor Castle Lower Ward gift shop on my way out and as an ongoing reminder of this awesome truth,  I purchased this gold crown keychain to remind me daily that I am a daughter of THE Most HIGH KING! Royalty! And because of that I can live and walk freely in my TRUE IDENTITY no matter how humble of home or status I may have.

Keep your crowns on!

His Princess,
You can purchase a copy of Jennifer’s book, TRUE IDENTITY, through the True Identity Ministries website. In it she shares her turbulent journey from severe rejection and depression as a child and young adult to being set free in her true identity in Christ! She even talks a little bit more about being God’s princess and castles in it!
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2 thoughts on “Castles

  1. Kim Ford

    Jennifer, this is a great piece. I felt I was right there with you thinking the same thing. I have visited Windsor Castle. I lived in London briefly. Many years ago. I remember bumping into the opulence and while it was so unfamiliar, unattainable, crazy over the top, it was desirable. I think because we were made to be royal. Since then, I have become a daughter of the King and know my identity is securely, royally in Christ, and I am a child of the living God. A true princess. Nothing else can hold a candle to that. I know that whisper well. God has promised us so much more than what we can see or know this side of heaven because of who we are, whose we are, and He is in us! OK. I gave it away. I read your book and I loved it! Wanted to write you a more personal note to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I had no idea what you went through. It makes me love you more. I love your transparency, the way you share your personal journey and Biblical truth allows readers to connect and relate, as we all struggle in our own ways. Just beyond the struggle is True treasure, Jesus. He gives us his Spirit and Word to guide and bless us with perfect promises, all of these are everlasting. Thank you Jennifer!

  2. Kim, thank you for you kind words and encouragement! I am so blessed in knowing that the words the Lord gives me to share are helping others embrace the TRUTH of who God says they are! I am thrilled that you are well aware of your royalty as a Daughter of THE King and living in freedom in it. It shows in your radiant smile and compassion for others. I’m so thankful the Lord has connected us through Precepts and I look forward to sharing our faith journeys together in the days ahead!

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