We live in a breakneck speed world that seems to be moving faster and faster and getting louder and louder. Stress levels are through the roof! We pace in front of the microwave anxiously waiting for our two-minute meal to cook, multitasking to make the most of every second, information overload constantly bombarding our brains, and the pressure to keep up is oppressive. I want to scream at the world, “STOP! Let me off this rollercoaster!”

I heard it said recently that BUSY stands for; burdened under Satan’s yoke. The enemy delights in our frantic lifestyles. Too busy chasing after the world, and it’s enticements to have time for God. Too busy to engage in a relationship with Him and be set free from the chains and burdens that keep us from our God-given purpose. We are so caught up in the world and noise screaming at us from all fronts; media, culture, peers, coworkers, bosses, family, friends, all telling us who and whose we should be, that we are missing it. Until we stop the madness and get away to have uninterrupted, quiet time in our Heavenly Father’s presence; allow our souls be saturated with His peace, calm, comfort, and wise counsel, will we then discover our TRUE identity in Him!

15Garden bench3

I have this saying on my bedroom wall, “Make time for the quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud” (author unknown).

The world is VERY loud, and God is not going to yell at us above the din to try to get our attention. He is inviting us to be still, be quiet,  (Psalm 46:10) and Come Closer where we can hear His life-giving whisper into our spirit and soul.

Every time I see a bench in a serene setting as the picture above, or two chairs like in the one below, I imagine lingering there and having an unhurried, intimate conversation with Jesus. It reminds me that I need to shut out the world and focus on the deep and satisfying, restorative time with Him. We were never designed to function at a constant all out pace. We were designed to be in a relationship with HIM. But like with any friendship, if you never take the time to be together or foster intimacy, there will not be a deep or lasting relationship.


We just had our first “Come Closer” True Identity Retreat last weekend. It was interesting to hear all the stories from the women who attended saying what a fight it was for them to get away and get there. Some even called during the week to say that they just didn’t think they could make it, with too many pressing matters. I encouraged them to do all they could come, that it would be worth it! And on the final day they all gave testimony to all that God had done in their lives over the weekend and how grateful they were they persevered and came. Many experienced life-changing moments with the Lord. Many were set free from lies and burdens, leaving with fresh new perspectives and insights. Many were rejuvenated and reignited to go home with a renewed start. All from taking the time to come closer to Him!

The amazing thing is, the God who created the universe has invited us to be in an intimate relationship with Him. He loves us so much that His desire is that we are most satisfied in Him, which brings Him great pleasure and glory and us freedom and joy.

When we heed God’s invitation to Come Closer, we will never be disappointed. He is waiting and longing for us to meet with Him.  As Pam Brown shared at the retreat, “Often we try to fit time with God into our schedules instead of setting aside time with Him.”

Get off the rollercoaster long enough to catch your breath and sit with Him! The world can wait.

For His Glory,

3 thoughts on “Come Closer

  1. Gwen

    True Identity Ministries’ Come Closer Retreat was an AHHA! refreshing, renewing, and revitalizing intimate time with GOD who showed up and showed off large and in charge! THANK YOU, JESUS, Jennifer, each teammate and sister who attended to love, grow, and share together. Gwen PS Jesus truly loves you and so do we!

  2. Debbie Jones

    In the words of one of my favorite teachers, BRILLIANT! This was the best retreat yet and I learned so much, received so much and was blessed by God. Thank you Pam for that word from The Lord. It is a paradigm shift for us in this busy world to not fit God in but to make a large space for the KING of kings and the LORD of lords. He is worthy to receive all glory, honor and praise, and it His great delight to meet daily with His children.


  3. Linda Herreid

    The retreat has left many strong and positive nuggets of learning and ways of being closer to Him. I am trusting and so far have not tried to take anything back that I left at His feet for him to deal with vs me. I am following more closely His directions for me. So thankful I was able to go.

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