Daily Pointers for Connecting with God

Be Woke!

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “be woke.” In today’s vernacular, it refers to political and social awareness, but to us it means something entirely different. “Therefore stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.” (Matthew 24:42). Jesus gives this admonishment in the context of the end times, and it is repeated many times in different expressions throughout the New Testament as an important mindset for believers. Christians have to be woke to God’s hand behind world events, and they have the indwelling Holy Spirit to give insight whenever needed.

I find that it helps me in my prayers to zoom out from time to time and get a broader perspective on what’s happening. It tends to move the scope of my prayers from my own areas of direct affinity to praying for worldwide happenings. From me-size prayers to kingdom-size prayers.

So today, in a slightly longer narrative, I want to share with you what I’ve seen.

God has been speaking into our current global crisis for a while now through the voice of a variety of Christian leaders who have the gift of prophecy. I am normally very, very cautious with prophetic messages, because the lines between prediction and speculation are often blurred. One has to be especially careful when it comes to trying to relate specific historic events to symbolic depictions of the signs of the end age.

But in a number of prophetic insights that have been shared around I see a remarkable consistency. Not only that, but every day the news updates from across the globe seem to confirm those insights. Here is a sampling:

  • The current global stand-still is creating a political and economic realignment of world powers.
  • This year’s Passover is remarkable. It marks the first time in history that no one will congregate in churches or synagogues to observe it. But God has given the sense that it is the launching point of a major move of people turning to faith in Christ as the crisis peaks, setting of what may be one of the last great global revivals
  • For the US this means a return to our true identity (yep, they said that!), the spiritual soul of our nation having been established as “One nation under God.”
  • Satan is angry and is roaring his loudest, in particular through the nations that have set themselves up against God’s people. Several prophetic voices gave a stern warning that if God’s people fail in their duty to pray, China in particular will have world domination by 2022 and the US will become like China by 2026. This confirms reports by the US government that China is trying to use the current crisis to extend its world influence. I myself immediately received a prayer assignment to pray over China long before I heard these prophetic insights.
  • President Trump is today’s Cyrus (cf. Isaiah 45). Whether you like him or not, or agree with him or not, he is the sitting president who needs our prayers more than ever, for an encounter with the Holy Spirit and for godly wisdom.

Last but not least, the church. Especially here in the US. Most if us have realized by now that the screeching halt to the way we’ve been doing church has implied that we should “consider our ways.” That, too, is a matter of returning to our true identity – the basics of what it means to walk with Christ individually and corporately.

What I see here is the outcome of a prediction that was made by consensus at a conference for national prayer leaders around the turn of the millennium: that our next spiritual awakening would come in the wake of great suffering. And here we are…

The good news is that, while the world only has common sense to rely on to attain a new normal, the people of God can count on not only the light of the Holy Spirit to expose what God wants to change in us, but also the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about that change.

My encouragement to you today is to zoom out from time to time, ask the Lord’s perspective on what is going on and clarify your role in it as you listen and pray. You and li’l old me are part of a growing army of prayer warriors He aims to use in this crisis. Zerubbabel’s remnant, if you like (see Haggai 1:12-15) And you may be someone who can offer hope in Christ when friends, relatives and neighbors grapple with fear since there are no church gatherings to go to. Your worth and strategic importance in God’s action plans for the world as we see them unfold  cannot be overstated.

We believe the True Identity message for “such a time as this.” We see now why God gave Jennifer such urgency to get the new True Identity Study finished and online before the end of last year! Take time to engage in the study and go deep with the Lord in embracing your true identity in Him.

Remco Brommet