Daily Pointers for Connecting with God


Once we have come, and have become still, we are ready to listen. Remember Elijah, who sought God’s revelation, and found that His voice came in a gentle breeze, not in a storm, earthquake or fire? In other words, God rarely speaks to us in some sort of spectacular experience.

Ok, testimony time. Quite a few years ago God yanked the rug out from under me (Remco) in a kind of a personal shaking. A cross-country move, no job, no ministry, no permanent home. When I brought my (myriad) concerns about this to the Lord, heard God say to me in a persistently recurring thought: “Just come to me and listen”.

So I came. Armed with java, my Bible and a journal. Every morning. And the simple question: “Father, what do you want to say to me today?” And God began to bring Scripture to mind, then speak to me through those verses, and I wrote, and wrote and wrote.

I realized that that is where it all starts: God revealing Himself to us – sometimes by direct insight but more often by His Word. It changed the way I approach prayer. Gone is the “prayer list” (what I want God to do for me or others). I now simply ask how He wants me to pray since I don’t know and need the Holy Spirit to tell me (Romans 8:26). It’s called “listening prayer”. And I’m finding that a lot of what I was going to ask God for has become unnecessary when I listen to Him first!

I’m also finding that listening prayer is a powerful antidote for anxiety. When I bring my concern to Him, as I am invited to do (Philippians 4:6), my first concern is that I hear His voice so my anxiety doesn’t evolve into unbelief. And I find that God is all to eager to lay out His perspective, which is what brings me peace. The truth shall set you free.

It’s also an amazing reality that makes me want to shut up and listen
“The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He makes known to them His covenant. (Psalm 25:14) Imagine God wanting to be your friend and letting you get to know Him! I can think of no greater thing.

Back to Isaiah 55:3 “Incline your ear and come to me. Hear, that your soul may live.” Anxiety is death to our souls. God’s truth is life and brings joy and peace.

So come, be still, and listen! Come to the Father with your Bible and journal and the simple question: “what is it that you want to say to me today?”
Write down what you hear, lest you forget. Let Him be your friend. Whisper your name, whisper His thoughts about you, share His desire for what you should pray.

I dare you. Too busy for friendship with God? The invite to His Presence is already there. The RSVP is up to us!

Remco Brommet