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Considerable confusion exists in today’s Christian environment in the US and overseas about our true identity as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. What defines us as such? What does he Bible say about our identity as followers of Jesus Christ? Many have embraced a mistaken identity made up of lies and deceptions that have originated in culture, traumatic experiences, and what others say about us.

True Identity Ministries seeks to answer those questions by helping people identify the lies they have come to believe about themselves, confront those with biblical truths, embrace their true identity of who they are in Christ and Who Christ is in them, and be set free to be all God designed and desire for them to be.

True Identity Ministries does that by taking people through transformational retreats, conferences, and seminars, whereby teaching is mixed with group interaction, journaling, and personal reflection time in the presence of God. The desired outcome is that they have an encounter with God in which they come to realize and renounce any elements of a mistaken identity, a deeper realization of who they are in Christ and Who Christ is in them, and a clear understanding of how to walk in their true identity.

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