God-sized Prayer

Devotional from April 2, 2020 TI Prayer Call
by Remco Brommet

James 5:16b-18 – “the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth. Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit.”

Isaiah 37:21 – “Because you have prayed to me concerning Sennacherib…” His 45 second prayer is followed by an angel slaying 180,000 Assyrians who had laid siege to Jerusalem.

These verses support the fact that God has ordained to do mighty things through the prayers of His people. Not because He needs to, but because He chooses to.

And that is a good notion to take into the call He places on us during a shaking like the current pandemic to pray (cf. 2 Chronicles 7:14). He invites us to not only humble ourselves and seek His face, but to pray kingdom sized, world-changing, life-changing prayer.

That’s what we want to carry into this week’s prayer time. And the fast-changing global pandemic that has all but shut down everything in the world calls for world-changing prayers, calling upon the Lord to do mighty things.

Just to recap what I wrote in the Daily Prayer Pointers over the past couple of days, summarizing what some of the prophetic voices have united in saying:

  • The current standstill appears to be bringing about a political/economic alignment of powers in the world.
  • The Passover this year has been indicated as a launching point of some major moves in global spiritual awakening. It coincides with the pandemic projected to peak in the US, and the fact that this marks the first time in history that neither Christians nor Jews will be able to meet in their congregations to celebrate this feast.
  • China has been seeking to expand its attempt at global domination by means of this crisis. And Satan is using them to expand his global reach and attack the church – China is the premier persecutor of Christians and worships wealth and atheism. Those who know China up close from a spiritual perspective are warning us to pray. If we don’t, they will attain economic dominance by 2022 and the US will be like them by 2026.
  • The standstill means for the US a return to its true identity, its spiritual soul – one nation under God.
  • The forced Sabbath means for the church a return to its true identity also – namely the core of what is means to be a Christian (knowing who we are in Christ and Who Christ in us, and walking accordingly), without all the fluff of today’s church culture that has confused our true identity more than clarified and affirmed it.
  • Several prophetic voices have brought back to mind that the Lord told them Donald Trump would go into the presidency as a Cyrus leader – nominal in his beliefs but used by God, and come out of it a man of faith and filled with the Holy Spirit. They are calling on us to pray for an encounter with the Holy Spirit in the midst of this crisis.

It was noted during the past few weeks that God pressed on Jennifer and Debbie to have the study online by the end of last year. Now we know why! This is also year 7 of the vision He gave in 2013 – that the TI message would be in every state and every continent by this year. We had no idea how this would happen, but the push towards spiritual connections online is giving us a glimpse of how. We sent out invitations to all 336 on the TI mailing list to not only go through the new version of the study but to do it with friends and small groups using some of the online technology that is currently available. So we pray for God supernaturally advancing it to fulfill the vision, for His glory.

Audio of 4-2-2020 TI Prayer Call Devotional