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Touring around London I saw a lot of guards. Guards at Windsor Castle, The Queen’s Guard, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street where the British Prime Minister and other dignitaries live, the British Museum, and anywhere there was someone or something of importance residing. I especially loved these Royal Guards donned in their bright red coats, shimmering gold helmets and magnificent swords. Some standing stone still while a stream of tourists posed by them for photo ops, never changing expression or acknowledging their presence. Yet even though much of it seemed for show, you knew they were keenly observing everything going on around them, trained to respond if anyone were to threaten their guarded charge.

15Horse Guard6Note: The guards at the royal residences, and by homes or offices of dignitaries had guns, not decorative swords!)

44Guard walking3Windsor Castle Guard

After seeing the colorful, Royal Guard, I came upon Downing Street with it’s massive rod iron gate and a group of armed policemen standing guard over the Prime Minister’s and other elite residences. And although they were not as decorative and formal as the Queen’s guard, they were also prepared to guard their charge at any cost, even their lives. 
10Downing Street police

Seeing all these guards I began to reflect on Proverbs 4:20-23. “My son, be attentive to My words; incline your ear to my sayings. Let them not escape from your sight; keep them within your heart. For they are life to those who find them and healing to all their flesh.  Keep your heart with all vigilance for from it flow the springs of life.”

When I first read these verses years ago, the first thought that came to mind was “Guard the Gate!” The gate to our heart, from which all life springs forth. From which we have our very core soul and being. And the “gate” to our hearts is our minds. What we hear and think often influences what we think, and what we think on long enough, we will believe. And it is from what we believe that will influence our hearts and actions, our core being.

And although all these guards around London, and elsewhere around the world, are physically fiercely guarding a significant person or invaluable thing, how often do we leave the “gate” to our minds and hearts (from which flow the springs of life) wide open and unguarded? Do we pay attention to what we are letting in the gate? Do we guard what we let into our minds and hearts through television, internet, music, books, language, or activities? And even more importantly, our thoughts? Are you letting lies and negative thoughts take root in your heart? Are you thinking the worst of every one (including yourself and God), and situation, bound by the grip unbelief, anger, fear, or depression?

Gates are meant to keep evil out. To protect the inhabitants within. What is the actual “gate” guarding our minds and hearts? Proverbs tells us it is God’s words and to be attentive to them, incline our ear to them, not letting them escape from our sight, and keeping them in our hearts. For they are life-giving and bring healing! It is through knowing and believing God’s words for us that we will best filter and guard what we let through our “gate” and will find freedom, life, and healing of deep wounds. It is through studying His Word (Bible) and learning the TRUTH that will help us know if what is approaching our gate is of God or the enemy. If we are not, it is as if we are flinging open the protective gates and inviting Satan and his legions to “storm the castle” and take over inhabitance there. Destroying all life and God’s intended purposes.

Stand guard my friends! Be attentive! Guard the Gate with every fiber of your being! You are precious in God’s sight and worthy of the highest level of protection.

His princess,

Read all of Proverbs 4 for more encouraging words and wise instruction on “Guarding the Gate.” (Note especially verse 13)

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  1. Simply awesome! Yet, spiritually speaking, I need simple visual reminders like the Israelites needed the 12 stones from the riverbed to remind them and future generations of God’s powerful deliverance. Thank you for sharing the photos!! I’ve never been to England and these visual reminders are a great memory tool for me. I haven’t seen a guard with a fuzzy hat like that since “The Wizard of Oz”! The scripture that comes to mind is “Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen watches in vain”.
    I look forward to the next blog!!

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