True Identity Ministries is off to Kenya this July! We have been invited by the Divine Providence Training Center in Kenya to take the women ministry leaders and pastors wives through the True Identity material and experience so they can then take it to their women. We pray God will multiply His message of True Identity and freedom in Christ out to many more women by us ‘training the trainers’!  (See our ABOUT page for more info). We will be having a True Identity Retreat for a small group of these women leaders and pastors wives the weekend of July 15-17.

Carina and I will be representing True Identity ministries, leaving with a small team from our church, Roswell United Methodist Church, who are founders and part of The Divine Providence Training Center, on July 7th. We will be in Kenya from July 8th – July 18. Carina and I are having an extended ‘layover’ in Holland for 8 days on the way home to visit my husband’s family and revisit some of my favorite places from when I lived in Amsterdam over 25 years ago!

The first part of our trip we will have the joy of experiencing an African safari! Everyone told us if you go to Kenya, you have to go on a safari. We are excited to see God’s creation in this exquisite setting. We heard we will be staying in an up scale tent camp with an afternoon outing and then another the next morning.

Once back from the safari, we will have a few days to travel out to some area villages around Nairobi to film and photograph testimonies and stories of how the training pastors received at the Divine Providence Training Center has now impacted their church and communities. We are excited to meet with these folks and hear about how God has used these men and women and their training to help reach their communities with the Good News of the Gospel and help disciple believers in a strengthened walk with Christ.

On the way back from the villages we are going to stop and visit with some dear missionary friends who are serving with Care of Creation, whom we have not seen for over 10 years! We will have the joy of meeting their two boys, catching up, and seeing what work they are doing in their community.

We’ll then have a day to download all our media files and get some production started on some multi media stories, as well as prepare for the True Identity Retreat beginning the next afternoon.

We are very excited for this God-given opportunity to take God’s message to our dear sisters in Kenya. Please pray with us as we finish our final preparations to go and for our time there. We look forward to all God has in store and pray we can go with servant hearts and open to all God would do through us and receive all He has for us through our Kenyan brothers and sisters.

Follow our trip preparations and travels through this blog! We will have posts about our preparations and things we welcome your prayers for and then for our experiences while in Kenya and Holland. We will post photos and videos and stories as often as we can have internet access in Kenya and probably more frequently in Holland.

Jennifer Brommet