Aaron & Allison wedding

I had the joy of attending a life long friend’s daughter’s wedding a few weeks ago. Her mom is like the sister I never had and her daughter calls me Aunt Jenny. I was thrilled to celebrate this memorable day with the bride & groom, family, and all others who were in attendance.

As the bride and I made reception centerpieces together, I asked her about how she met her handsome groom, what drew them together, and more about their heart and passion for serving in ministry together. She gleefully told me about their romance, deep-shared faith, and desire to minister to students on university and college campuses. I was so impressed to hear of a young couple with a Christ -centered relationship and passion for dedicating their lives to helping others come into a loving and saving relationship with God.

Shive-Smith Wedding familyI knew the bride had grown up in a faith-based home and had God’s love and truth instilled in her from a young age, and learned her fiancé had experienced the same. But when I met the groom’s parents and grandparents, both sets, and heard of their faith and life-time passion for the Lord, I was deeply touched. This young couple had an incredible inheritance from both sides of family in which to begin their marriage.

“He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God.”          Psalm 78:5-7

Allison & Bridal party prayer B:W
I told the groom’s father how refreshing it was to witness this legacy of faith in action throughout the entire weekend; the encouragement and prayers given to the bride and groom, the God-honoring bridal party and wedding ceremony, and the toasts given at the reception. It was obvious that these newlyweds not only came from a long line of faith, but also had a strong, supportive family and community around them. All elements to help the priceless gift of the legacy continue.

“Who is the man who fears the LORD? Him will he instruct in the way that he should choose. His soul shall abide in well-being, and his offspring shall inherit the land.” Psalm 25:12-13

Family Christmas Photo 2010 B-W

I grew up in a “religious” home but not one of personal faith in the Lord. I came to the Lord at age 17. My husband had a similar experience. Although, we are at the front end of developing a legacy of faith more than we are on the receiving end, our prayer is that we are now modeling and passing on a life of deep trust and faith in God, to our children, and hopefully to generations to come. I can think of no greater gift than to instill in them an understanding of their TRUE identity in Christ. May it be that one day they will be able to tell their offspring where their faith legacy began, and they will continue to pass it on… and on … and on.

For His Glory!

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Wedding photos by MaKenzie Frank. 

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  1. Nancy

    thank you for your remarks, I too am blessed at God’s provision for our Aaron – and am blessed by Aaron’s commitment to the Lord. Gives me hope for wonderful, godly wives for our sons. “Aunt Nancy”

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