A few months ago I was struggling with trusting the Lord for some next steps and as I was praying He said to me, “Look in the rearview mirror.” At first I was not sure what He meant by this but as I prayed it through more I realized that God wanted me to look back and remember How He had faithfully provided and guided me this past year, and, years prior.

“Have I not always provided for your needs? Have I ever led you astray? Have I abandoned you in the midst of a trial? Have I not blessed you beyond measure? Have I not multiplied the ministry? Have I not loved you with an everlasting love? Have I not given you everything you need to do the things I call you to do?” he asked me.

“Yes, Lord, indeed you have! Forgive me for how quickly I forget.”

As I looked in the “rearview mirror” I was reminded of His incredible faithfulness to me throughout every day, every situation, every trial, every uncertainty, and always with perfect timing and amazing, unexpected provision.  Even through losing two family members and a dear True Identity sister. And as I looked back over many years prior, His track record became even more solid. The doubts and fears in the current uncertainties vanished as I reflected on His majesty, perfection, love and blessings.  1 John 4:18 ; “perfect love, (His love) casts out all fear!”


Looking back on 2013 I am thankful for the grand adventure He had for me and for True Identity Ministries.

  • Finishing the True Identity Book and seeing it published and in the hands of over 200 readers! (Maybe more for those who have passed it on to friends.) Praising God for testimonies of how the book has helped them trust God to set them free in their True Identity.
  • Moving my older daughter Carina to London and helping move my younger daughter to college and becoming “empty nesters.”
  • The Mount Pisgah True Men Retreat with over 50 men in attendance.
  • Two wonderful TI Women’s Retreats and seeing women set free from years of lies and strongholds.
  • Returning to Kenya for the 3rd time, along with Remco for his first visit, and launching TRUE MEN in Kenya. Taking over 100 men and women pastors and ministry leaders through the TI and TRUE MEN material and having each retreat group tell us they feel this message will transform their country!
  • Reports from our Kenyan brothers and sisters of how they are sharing the TI message all around their country and how it is transforming their families, churches and communities, and have even launched True Youth for teens.
  • Developing a new personality profile, True Personality, that we can now freely use for ministry here and abroad.
  • Having our first True Identity Conference with men and women together this past fall.
  • Taking a group of Community Bible Study leaders through the personality materials and hearing them say it will help unify their leadership group and they feel that every CBS leaders group should go through it.
  • Seeing God raise up TIM Champions that are passionate to continue to help spread God’s message of True Identity.
  • God’s faithful provision for every need through dedicated supporters like you, allowing us to continue to be a small part of HIS kingdom work through True Identity!


As this year comes to a close, take a few moments and “look in the rearview mirror.” Be reminded of God’s love and faithfulness to you this past year, and be encouraged for all He has and will be for you in this New Year ahead. You may not know what lies around the bend in the road ahead, but you know the One who is lovingly guiding you.

With gratitude and anticipation for an amazing 2014!