The room was full of wounded hearts. “I’m a failure,” “I’m ugly,” “I’ve messed up bad,” or “Nobody loves me,” echoing in the minds of the audience. A group of humanity in which many had been rejected, abused, abandoned, or crushed. Leaving them feeling broken, fearful, and hopeless.

The video began, and the words spoken gently flowed out as a healing balm. Washing over the deep, battered places, bringing forgiveness, peace, comfort and love. Tears began to flow and soon some were sobbing as the dam of years of pent up pain broke open. A deep warmth penetrated through the walls of self-protection. Freedom and healing crept in. Joy replaced fear; hope replaced doubt, and love brought freedom. A new countenance came over the group as the words took root in their hearts.

What words would have such power to unleash this wave of emotion? Power to mend shattered souls and set captives free? They are words from the heart of our Heavenly Father to us, His beloved children. Words that speak to our innermost being. Touching places we think no one can see or understand. But He, our creator does. As He was the one who formed us, (Psalm 139) and knows us and loves us more than any human ever can or will. He has written the ultimate love letter to us all through His Word, the Bible.

The amazing thing is God loves us so extravagantly that He wanted to be sure we received it and understood it, so He sent someone to give it to us personally. His Son Jesus. Through Him, God’s character and love for us were perfectly revealed and modeled. He came to show that God is for us and not against us.

You most likely have a copy of this love letter in your home. Perhaps you have read it or parts of it, but did not feel the words were for you personally. This Christmas, receive this special letter from God through Jesus directly to YOU! He sent His Son to earth to show us how passionate He is for us, and through Him, made a way for us to be forgiven and restored to our original purpose and relationship with Him!

Fathers-Love-letter-pic-letter2Take a few moments now to hear these life changing words and watch “The Father’s Love Letter.” Have the Kleenex ready and be reminded of the treasure you are to Him!

Merry CHRISTmas,

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