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This is a post on my friend Rose Chandler Johnson’s Blog this week.  She interviewed me about my writing and writing True Identity. Please read and visit her blog as well. She is a very gifted and encouraging writer.

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Meet the Author — Jennifer Brommet

Today’s guest is Jennifer Brommet.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer last year in association with the Georgia Author of the Year Awards.  I was blessed to spend time with her in November at a TIM Retreat.  She’s a special lady that I’m pleased to introduce to you.

Jennifer is the founder and director of True Identity Ministries, Inc.; a ministry passionate about helping people embrace, and be set free, in their true identity in Christ. She has a background in design (former Art Director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), administrative work, and ministry. She is a recent missionary in taking the True Identity message and training to Kenya several times. She and her husband Remco live in Cumming, GA and have two daughters. One pursuing a master’s degree in London and the other a sophomore at Berry College.

Enjoy the interview.  Please leave a comment at the end of this post for an opportunity to win a copy of Jennifer’s book, True Identity.

Jennifer, tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

I have enjoyed journaling since I was a teen. I also enjoyed writing short stories in high school and took writing classes in college. As a more introverted personality type, I found comfort in putting thoughts and feelings on paper, even if no one else ever read the words. I eventually pursued creative expression more through the visual arts, and until recently, did not consider myself a “writer.”


Would you say writing is now more of a passion or a calling for you, or both?
It is only in the past few years that God has developed a more intentional desire and passion for writing. I feel it was a calling to write the True Identity book and blog. 


What inspired you on your writing journey?

I was inspired by the many books I read that greatly encouraged me and my faith walk, as well as talking with others who were on a similar writing journey. Also, through my quiet listening prayer times with God as He began to stir a calling, passion, and confidence in me to write.


Is there one piece of writing advice you wish you’d had from the outset?

Yes. Don’t feel like it has to be perfect the first go around and don’t edit as you write. Just get the thoughts and words down on paper and go back and edit later. Share from your heart. As a perfectionist, the blank page was often daunting and kept me from getting started. I was thankful I had the years of journals to refer back to, later realizing I had really been writing most of my life!


Jennifer, what is the most meaning truth you hope your readers glean from you writing?

That you are precious and loved dearly by God and He wants you to see yourself as HE sees you, not as the world does. I share some of my own struggles, for readers to be encouraged and helped through their own. That they will find freedom, victory, and joy in their relationship with God. I feel the calling God has placed on me and my writing is to help “set the captives free.”


Is the Lord teaching you as well through the discipline of writing?

The Lord has been teaching me to continue to come to Him and pray and ask Him to give me His thoughts and words every time I write. I have been on a grand adventure of “writing with God” these past few years. It has encouraged my faith and trust in Him and I have seen Him mature me in my writing ability and expression. HE has made me a “writer.”


Tell us about your ministry, which I know firsthand is truly a blessing.

True Identity Ministries’ passion and mission is to help men and women of all ages and backgrounds understand and embrace their True Identity in Christ so they can be set free to be all God designed and desires for them to be. We do this through retreats, conferences, seminars, written materials, and online resources. God is expanding our ministry throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Your story is deeply personal and powerful.  Tell our readers about your book.

True Identity is the story of my journey from severe rejection and depression, caused by a birth defect, to freedom and joy in embracing my TRUE identity in Christ. My story is woven throughout the book as I share the core True Identity message.  There are questions at the end of each chapter to help the reader or groups apply the message to their own life. Photos and message diagrams included.

For many years others have encouraged me to write my story in book form. I was hesitant for almost 20 years as I had a great fear of more rejection if I told my story. Finally at age 48, the Lord enabled me to share my story with groups of women, and out of that the True Identity message was formed. As I shared the TI message with many women and men the next 8 years, I was encouraged to write my story and the TI message in book form. When God told me that “a book will be able to go places you will never be able to go,” and the desire for this message to get to as many as possible, I overcame my fears and began writing the book.

Here’s the blurb from the back cover:
Do you know WHO and WHOSE you really are? Are you searching for a sense of purpose? Do you feel you are struggling to be yourself; fighting what the media and the world says you should be?

Learn how God uniquely “knit you together.” Learn to break from the lies that keep you in bondage. Be transformed to be all God designed and desires for you to be. Be set free in your TRUE Identity in Christ!
Once you have embraced your TRUE identity, learn practical steps to help you walk daily in your TRUE identity and fulfill your God-given purpose.
Jennifer shares her own difficult journey from severe rejection and depression to freedom and joy in embracing her TRUE identity in Christ.

Jennifer, what is your favorite Scripture?

Romans 8:28 ALL things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

This was my life verse that helped me through the darkest of days. It always offered hope that there is a rainbow at the end of every storm. I have experienced this truth in miraculous ways over and over again throughout my life. God is faithful!


Thank you so much Jennifer for being my guest today.  And there’s one more thing I want to let everyone know.  The next True Identity Women’s Retreat is coming up April 17-19, 2015, at a beautiful retreat center just outside Clarkesville, GA. I attended a retreat in November and it was truly life-changing.  Please visit the website: for more information and to register.


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Rose Chandler Johnson