I have a love-hate relationship with the mirror. Many days when I look at my reflection I only see the flaws and loathe the image staring back at me. Other days, I see beautiful eyes and a glimmering smile and think, “Not bad.” But the loathing days far outweigh the “Not bad” days. We are often our own worst critics, and we tend to gauge our worth on the reflection gazing back at us.

Women want to feel lovely, beautiful, worthy and cherished. And being in a world bombarded with Photoshopped images of what our culture tells us is beautiful; it is often impossible to measure up. Even the evil queen in the classic fairytale story, Snow White, wanted her mirror to assure her she was the fairest in the land.

This past weekend I had the joy of being a part of another women’s True Identity Retreat. It never ceases to amaze me how ladies will come in on Friday afternoon with the weight of the world on their shoulders, obviously carrying heavy burdens and harboring deep wounds. Many even tell me that they hate what they see in the mirror, thus hating themselves. But as the weekend progresses, their entire countenance changes, leaving on Sunday, radiant and joyful!

What was it that made such a dramatic transformation? They didn’t suddenly lose weight or wake up with a new face. They didn’t win the lottery or an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii. They didn’t have all their debts immediately forgiven, or all their problems erased. What was it?

                       “I am His workmanship.”      Isaiah 64:8

They realized they had been looking in the wrong mirror! A worldly mirror that reflects a distorted image and screams back at them, “ Ugly, worthless, broken, and hopeless.” One that magnifies flaws and a sin-filled position and alters the reflection just enough to give a skewed view of the subject.


So we gave the women a new mirror. The mirror of God’s Word. And as they gazed in that mirror they began to see a different likeness. They saw how GOD sees them;
His precious daughter,
Loved and cherished.
Forgiven, righteous and free!

The lies roaring back from the worldly mirror were broken off, and their TRUE beauty was allowed to shine through.

       ” He is enthralled by my beauty.”      Psalm 45:11

Throw away your old mirror! Look in the mirror of God’s Word to see your accurate reflection. See yourself as HE sees you. Delight in the beauty and uniqueness of your being. You are His one of a kind masterpiece. Revel in that and give Him glory by accepting it and being bodaciously pleased in it!

For His Glory,

Print out the “In the Mirror of God’s Word,” stick it on your mirror and be reminded of your TRUE beauty and worth.

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1 Samuel 12:22         I am His own.
1 Samuel 16:7           He sees my heart.
2 Kings 20:5             He heals me.
1 Chron. 28:8           I will pass on an inheritance.
Job 23:10                  He knows the way that I take.
Psalm 16:11              He gives me eternal pleasures at His right hand.
Psalm 21:6               He makes me glad with the joy of His presence.
Psalm 27:4               I will gaze upon the beauty of the Lord forever.
Psalm 27:10             He will never forsake me.
Psalm 34:18             He is near me.
Psalm 45:11              He is enthralled by my beauty.
Psalm 91:14              He rescues me.
Psalm 103:4             He crowns me with love and compassion.
Psalm 107:9             He satisfies my hunger with good things.
Psalm 139:14           I am wonderfully made.
Proverbs 12:25        He cheers my heart.
Proverbs 15:4          I speak words of life to others.
Isaiah 41:18             He makes my wilderness like Eden.
Isaiah 53:4               He bears my pain.
Isaiah 61:3               He gives me a crown of beauty instead of ashes.
Isaiah 61:10             He wraps me in a robe of righteousness.
Isaiah 62:2              He calls me by a new name.
Isaiah 64:8              I am His workmanship.
Jeremiah 1:5           He knows me.
Jeremiah 14:9         I bear His name.
Jeremiah 31:3         He loves me with an everlasting love.
Mark 6:31                He takes me to a quiet place and gives me rest.
John 7:24                He does not judge me by appearances.
John 8:36                He sets me free
Romans 15:7           I am accepted in the Beloved.
2 Cor. 3:16              He sees me as I am.
2 Cor. 4:17              He turns my hardship to glory.
Galatians 5:1          He delivers me.
Ephesians 1:3        He blesses me with every spiritual blessing.
Philippians 3:13     He redeems my past.
2 Thes. 2:16           He gives me hope.
2 Peter 1:3              He gives me everything I need.

4 thoughts on ““Mirror, Mirror”

  1. Thank you Jennifer. Words can’s express how beautiful you are in God’s eyes. How wonderful you share your story and the message He’s given you.

  2. Gwen Grant

    Truly a blessing! Thank you, Beloved Beautiful Daughter of the King, for sharing your story and the message GOD gave you for us! Love

  3. Annette Auger

    Your story is a humble reminder of how to treat all of God’s children

  4. Debbie Jones

    If you want to know how the King of the universe feels about you, reflect on the Scripture passages Jen has laid out for you, and turn off the world! Amen Jen! Great words for all of Gods children!

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