Remco Brommet

Director of True Men

Director of True Men

Remco Brommet Director of True Men

True Men, the men’s division of True Identity Ministries, began out of Kenyan men seeing the impact it had on Kenyan women’s lives after Jennifer took the TI Message to Kenyan women ministry leaders in July of 2011. Remco Brommet, Jennifer’s husband and former pastor, answered the call to adapt the TI for Women material for men.

In addition to serving as Director of True Men, Remco also directs The HUB Family Resource Center, a clearing house connecting families in North Fulton County, Georgia, to a wide range of resources for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. He also serves as Chaplain for the police and fire departments of Milton, Georgia.

Remco is somewhat of a globetrotter! He was born and raised in the Netherlands and came to Christ at age 18 while living in Singapore. He earned a diploma in Missions Studies from Moorlands Bible College in Great Britain, and led movements of prayer for revival and spiritual awakening in the Upper Midwest and Southern California in the US.

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