EVERY NEW YEAR I usually ask the Lord to give me a word, or Bible verse for the year. This year He gave me the word “RELEASE” and this verse in the picture above. (Isaiah 43:19)

It is so perfect for where I am at in life right now. I’m so thankful that God does not ever leave us or forsake us and gives us promises of HOPE! Especially when we are walking through the dark valleys of life. And as much as the enemy is intent on destroying us and our loved ones, he will NOT have victory! I have experienced God’s intense, Fatherly love in pressing me to face my fears, be authentic and honest, and move toward healing and trust Him in the process.
We didn’t have the picture perfect holiday this year. It was probably one of the most difficult ever, (and seeing everyone’s happy pictures on FB made it sting a little bit more), but in some ways, it was also the best one ever. Satan was attacking me, my marriage and family full force these past months and we were at the breaking point. But God was right there in the midst of us, protecting us and leading us toward honesty, humility, renewed hope and healing. I know we are on a road and journey toward healing and restoration that will take time, but I am looking forward to this new year with great anticipation for all God has in store.
I’m sharing this in hopes it may encourage any of you who are in a difficult place right now -to know that God is right there with you and will lovingly lead you and carry you through. He will never leave you or forsake you and He loves you so much He will not leave you in a broken place. Put your trust in Him, be willing to take those hard, scary steps, face your fears and He will lead you to healing, freedom and renewed life!
So I pray that 2019 will be a year of release FROM the things that are holding me in strongholds, and release me TO new things and rivers in the desert! The only New Year’s resolution I need to make it to cling to the Father and trust Him in all things. ❤️

For His Glory!