The Vision

TIM International is a concerted effort to bring the TI message to every continent on the globe with the focus being on “Training the Trainers” – pastors and ministry leaders. We find training indigenous pastors and ministry leaders provides the most effective way to share and spread the TI message within a country in a relevant cultural and receptive manner, leading to a larger audience finding freedom in their TRUE Identity in Christ.

How it Began

TIM was first invited to take the TI message to Kenya in July of 2011. Jennifer took 19 women ministry leaders, pastor’s wives, and Divine Providence Training Center (DPTC) women students through a True Identity Retreat. DPTC is a pastor’s training center outside Nairobi that TIM is now a ministry partner with. In 2012 the training materials were adapted for men and piloted to over 100 Kenyan pastors and ministry leaders in June of 2013.

True Identity became a movement in Kenya in just three years. Over 400 Kenyans have attended a True Identity event and have taken the message back to their families, churches, and communities where it has had a transforming impact. Training materials have now been translated into Swahili.

The Movement is Spreading

Since our humble beginnings in Kenya God is rapidly opening doors! A pastor from Burundi attended our TI Trainings in Kenya July of 2015. He has taken the TI message back to his network of pastors and churches and is in the process of translating the materials into his native dialect. We completed the translation of the TI materials into Spanish and took TI to Peru in October of 2015, Guatemala in February 2017, and Honduras in May of 2017.  Invitations have come from Nigeria, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Ethiopia and opportunities are being considered in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. 

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WATCH A VIDEO of our women’s retreat in HONDURAS – May 2017!

Kenya 2011 Trip Overview - DPTC & True Identity Retreat from Jennifer Brommet on Vimeo.

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Believers around the world face a common struggle to understand their identity in Christ. We are always looking for new opportunities to deliver the message of who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us around the world. Help sponsor the world-wide movement today!