Be Prepared!

by Remco Brommet

Now that we’re a month or so into the coronavirus quarantine and we’ve seen the world grind to a halt and on pause for an indefinite period of time, the question looms large: what will our post-corona world look like. Twenty two million people out of work, most businesses closed, transportation at a standstill, churches closed. When will it change? What will change? Everyone knows there will be a new normal but no-one knows what it will look like. I’ve seen some troubling warning signals emerge that may become part of the new normal, and that we must be prepared for. After all, Jesus warned us to: “But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)

Be watchful, so you can be prepared. To see the full article of the 7 warning signals I am referring to, click here:


Here is a quick overview:
1. Communist and Christian-persecuting China’s world influence and the agenda
behind it.
2. Government overreach and the trashing of constitutional freedoms during a national
3. Nineteen countries experimenting with government GPS tracking on citizen’s
4. Required proof of immunization to get a job.
5. Economic crises, including 22 million unemployed, mounting national debt and mass
business closures
6. Gaslighting: the attempt to get us back to normalcy by returning to the consumerism
that got us in this mess.
7. Mental health and violence: surges in people needing help with anxiety, mental
health and addiction, and an increase in random acts of violence due to over-
stressed people acting out.

Here are some daily guidelines as you pray for God to help you be prepared:

Monday:   Pray that God help you come out of the pandemic with a resolve to keep prayer central in your life and home, Him uppermost in your thoughts and affections, and a continued attitude of  listening to Him.

Tuesday:   Pray for the centrality of prayer in our churches., that it will saturate our services, meetings and programs, connecting us deeply to God so we become congregations filed with His power and glory that will deeply impact our society.

Pray for intercessory prayer to return as a mainstay of our prayer lives, both individually and corporately. It is part of being a royal priesthood (1 Peter 1:9), and God has ordained to work mightily through the prayers of His people.

Thursday: Pray that we get good at online connectivity, and keep it in place as a back-up for future crises that may force us out of our campuses.

Friday: Pray for our bonds as a faith community may be strengthened, that we may rediscovered the value of slowing down and giving each other the gift of time and attention to the point of being one in heart and having everything in common (Acts 4:32). We are going to need it if the economy keeps slumping.

Saturday: Pray for boldness on the part of every Christian to share our faith with people that have been broken, made desperate and anxious, and destitute by the pandemic. The time of chaos and darkness is now. The time for our light to shine brightly and lead people to the Only God is now.

Sunday: Pray for the silencing of false gospel that hold out an empty hope. God does not bring about reversals and miracles without repentance and surrender first, and even then He does not bring you material wealth, success and a problem-free life. He brings Himself. He brings spiritual transformation. Pray for the true gospel to be heard loud and clear!

Be watchful and pray! God delights in your prayers. He hears and answers them.

4-16-20 TI Prayer Call Devotional Audio – Be Prepared – Remco Brommet