A non-denominational, international ministry helping people fully understand and embrace their True Identity in Christ, allowing them to be set free to be all God designed and desires for them to be.


To passionately spread the True Identity message, transform lives, and establish True Identity champions and trainers in every State of the US, and every continent of the world by the year 2020. 


True Identity Ministries takes people through transformative experiences such as retreats and conferences, and provides resources that help them come to a deeper realization of who we are in Christ, and who He is in us. 



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True Identity

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by Jennifer Brommet

Nominated for GA Author of the year

With the confusion about identity in today’s world, do you know who and whose you really are? Are you searching for a sense of purpose? Learn how God uniquely and perfectly “knit you together.” In this SECOND EDITION, you’ll find new information about the four TRUE Personalities, how to break from the lies that keep you in bondage and be transformed to be all God designed and desires for you to be, along with practical steps to walk daily in your true identity and fulfill your God-given purpose. Author Jennifer Brommet shares her own difficult journey from severe rejection and depression to freedom and joy in embracing her true identity in Christ. It is written in a way it can be used as a small group or personal study. Includes chapter questions, photos, and resource diagrams. Available in paperback or eBook.

2017 TI Updated Book Cover